Into the Dunes! Series Debut!



Into the Dunes is an intimate black and white Polaroid series focusing on one of the first places we will lose due to sea level rise, our coastline and specifically sand dunes. Oceans are expected to rise at an increasing rate for many centuries and by 2100 scientists are predicting up to a 6 to 8 foot rise in ocean levels. About 40% of the US population lives near a coast which means many popular cities, including our own, will inevitably be lost. The dunes are our first line of defense and we’ve all spent time in or around them and felt their power, presence, and protection. We’ve hidden from the sun and wind behind them, fallen in love running through them, and watched sunsets laying on them. All of us have an experience or an emotion associated with them. This series will invite you to examine your relationship with the coast as it takes a melancholy look at what is happening in, around, and on the dunes!

Into the Dunes will have its opening reception on February 24th from 6-9pm at ACME Art Studios during the 4th Friday Art Walk. Please join us! All are welcome!

ACME Art Studios
711 North 5th Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28401

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